The Hippie Girl Two Weeks of Happiness Challenge – Day 5


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​This would be one of the smallest posts of the entire happiness challenge series. What made me happy was a very tiny event, but the impact it laid on me was huge. 

Today being a Sunday, Madhu visited her church. She makes sure to never miss any of the Sunday services along with her mother. What made her day was quite a tiny act of chivalry that made her and also me believe that chivalry still exists. 

So this is what happened at the church. When she entered the church, there were a pile of chairs randomly spread around. She managed to somehow get through the chairs. But the moment her mother stepped in, a gentleman promptly appeared and cleared the chairs around so that she could walk easily. This one little act of chivalry made a huge impact on us and restored our faith in humanity.

Happiness task Day 5 – Finding Chivalry in Today’s World

Status: Completed


The Hippie Girl Two Weeks of Happiness Challenge – Day 4


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Yay! It’s a Holli Holli holiday! “Last night before going to the bed, I promised to myself that I would totally utilise the day tomorrow” said Madhu in quite a sad voice when she called me up in the morning. She told me that the day before, she along with a few of her other friends, had planned to visit a children’s orphanage home. But suddenly she fell sick and became quite sad that probably she wouldn’t be able to visit anymore. I tried to make her feel better and said we could go some other time, but clearly she was still upset about it.

In the evening she gave me a call again. I hoped she was feeling better now. Instead she seemed much more better than that and was quite exhilarated. When asked about the reason, she told me that she somehow managed to go to the orphanage. There she met a bunch of beautiful children. They were God’s own children, taken care by God himself. Unfortunately, these innocent children suffered from AIDS, having been passed on to them by probably their parents.

They were having their regular classes when she went. They all seemed to be quite enthusiastic and enjoying their classes, helping each other learn their lessons and growing up with each other. There seemed to be no sense of fear of the future or any kind of remorse or hopelessness them. If there was something in there, it was hope, which is often missing in our lives.

Happiness task Day 4 – Realizing Hope

Status: Completed

The Hippie Girl Two Weeks of Happiness Challenge – Day 3


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How to make someone happy? Feed them. It’s simple! Madhu had a sumptuous lunch today. Nothing makes her as happy as good food. Other days she would be fasting in the name of diet. She wouldn’t admit, but I can clearly recognize the sadness in her face when she goes on a diet.

So today’s happiness quotient was found at Absolute Barbecue, a restaurant which serves an unlimited barbecue buffet. The menu includes everything starting from chicken, meat, fish, prawns, eggs to octopus, emu, rabbit, shark and even barbecued potatoes, pineapples and apples. It also included the heavy and spicy Indian curries and the exotic biryanis of course. That’s one huge menu. She took a good two hours to finish her meal and by then end she was sloppy and sleepy. But she of course had to return back to work no matter how much reluctant she felt. But she was contented and happy to have had a super fine meal.

Then she told me that in the evening when she returned home, she met an old friend on the way. She was too happy to have met her after a long time and they both decided to have roasted corn on the way. Madhu is someone who is quite choosy about the place and the food she has. She is not someone who generally has the street food stuff. She was so excited to have the corn that she immediately texted me about her new found love for street side corn, which according to her was better than Absolute Barbecue. “Well, whatever makes you happy”, I said. But soon after a few minutes she realized it was not her love for the corn but the company of her friend that added flavors to the corn.

“What makes us love food, is with whom we have it, Annie”, she then said. True of course, food when shared tastes the best and time when shared, memories are at the best.

Happiness task Day 3 – Cherishing good food

Status: Completed

The Hippie Girl Two Weeks of Happiness Challenge – Day 2


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Here comes the Day-2 of the “The Hippie Girl Two Weeks of Happiness Challenge”. In conversation with Madhu, we realized how stressful we made our lives, that it was no longer easy to find the happiness quotient of the day. Breaking down the day into 24 hours and 1440 minutes, Madhu carefully analyzed her day, and seemed to be quite excited about one thing she came across everyday which un-adulted her.

“You know what makes me happier than playing cricket Annie, watching people play cricket.” she said. This lady always has something in surprise for me. I was eagerly waiting where was she headed towards. I remember she had once mentioned about a playground near her home and how people flocked there everyday not just to play cricket but for various pursuits. She loves to watch the gully cricket happen there. Everyday when she passes by the playground, the little kid in her jumps with joy to witness the tiny moments in the lives of the many people there. Even if for a few moments when she observes them, she is over joyed to be a part of their lives.

“How beautiful is it to watch those love birds walk by the pavement, holding hands and not missing a glare into each others eyes. This park makes them fall in love with each other every single day. If only it could, the park would some day tell their beautiful love stories of them falling in love and growing old in each others arms.”, she blushed. “You know what Annie, once in a lifetime we should all give love a chance. Immerse in love and be washed away. It’s totally worth it” she said. This time, I blushed. The best thing about Madhu is, conversations with her are funny yet quite deep.

She also told me there were the middle-aged women, who came to jog along with their friends. Reducing weight or getting fit may not have been the reason, but what really brought happiness to their lives was probably gossiping, gossipping about their in-laws probably or their new sarees which they managed get a discount on or how one of them managed to cheat-code a breakfast by making parathas out of the last night’s remaining curry. They talked, they laughed and they giggled and they let go of all their worries.

And of course, she also mentioned about the kids playing on the swings, playing with one another, eye-spies, hide-n-seek, and various other self- customized games with their own rule book. They would fall, get bruised and again get back to their toes and run. That wouldn’t stop them or lower their enthusiasms in any ways. I promptly saw the bruise marks on my knee that reminded me of my childhood games and how wild and free I was that no bruise, no cut and no burn stopped me from reaching to what I wanted. And of-course how could I not mention about the fire-in-blood , young cricket lads. They seem to take their matches as seriously as the India- Pakistan cricket matches.

A child’s mind and an old soul is what it takes to gain wisdom. She mentioned about the retirees’ group, in their ripened ages seemed to have been energetic than anyone else in the park. The future sure scares us, but every age has its own charm and delight. They talked about politics, society, family  and some did yoga and just sat calm. The best part was to watch them go through the laughter therapy. Random and loud laughter, I so wish I could be a part of that group.

We are all made up of stories. This park was one such book of short stories, re-written

everyday. “The park throws a spell on me every morning when I dread to go to office. I am automatically smiling when I board my cab.” she said. “This park is just another tiny part of those  little moments which  help me get through my day.”

Happiness task Day 2 – Growing to be a child

Status: Completed

Creating a Story


There is always something more to an untold story.
It’s not the story that matters but the perspective. What may seem right from the left may not be right from the right.

“So what happened to the queen in the end? ” asked my daughter, I said “she died”. No that’s not the answer I want to give her. I want to say ” she lived. She lived forever. She lives in the hearts “. And that’s the kind of a story I want to tell my daughter. And the queen is me. That’s the kind of a fairytale I want my daughter to grow up listening to. I don’t want her to wait for the knight in the shining armour. I want her to be the knight in the shining armour. I want her to be the warrior princess raised by a warrior Queen.