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“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”, a quote I often felt superfluous until today when I finally understood its true meaning. One of my MBA professors often says this during his class, “Every fact we learn always has a theoretical aspect as well as a practical aspect.” One small practical experiment today taught me the special meaning the quote conveyed which I mentioned afore.

Little acts of charity give us immense happiness is what we have been taught since our childhood. It used to be one of those very important lessons during my moral science classes in my school. And of course most of us have tried it and in fact we even have known some kind people who have exhibited pinnacles of heroism and courage. One small act of our kindness gives us ineffable peace. But how many of us have experienced the ultimate joy of receiving the intangible touch of peace? Of course all of us would have. But how often do we acknowledge it?

It was the ever horrifying Monday morning, and I was already suffering from bad Monday blues. I was already late and had to rush to office to avoid the retributions. I was supposed to catch a bus and it took almost a 10 minutes’ walk from my home which also included crossing a busy traffic signal. While I was tottering along the footpath, I noticed a sheer tiny pup, trying to climb the footpath. I realized the footpath appeared stupendous to him. He would try reaching the top with great difficulty with his petite paws but would slither down the very next moment. Nevertheless, that wouldn’t prevent him from attempting again. Well, now that should have been something really important to him. I felt I could be of some help to the poor thing so I lifted him up, took him into my arms and carefully placed him on the footpath. And I felt my work was done, and resumed my walk towards the bus stop, least expecting the next. May be the little thing was taught the lesson of gratitude at a very young age. A few minutes later I turned to see him following me. This was the sweetest surprise the tiny honeybun to gift me. I let him follow me. Accompanying me till the bus stop was the best thing he could do in return for my favor. He escorted me till the traffic signal, very wisely to avoid the danger of traffic. I crossed the signal and turned back. He was gone. He was nowhere to be seen. This small incident touched my soul. It happened a year ago, but the memories are so vivid they just seem like yesterday.

It changed my outlook towards people and time. Time is the most precious gift we can present someone. This kind act of the little pup was nothing less to a generous act of charity done for me. Those few minutes he spent with me made me feel very special. I was deeply touched and realized how often we forget in our daily lives that the best thing someone can bestow on us or we can give someone is our time and company. This silently said little act exclaims so loud that we care, could fetch a new life to someone. If a little mute pup could change my outlook towards life, then we, a part of humanity, can do wonders. Besides, how often do we recognize such little acts of generosity someone bestows on us?  Most of the times we fail to notice them. Being grateful, helps us count our blessings. We can always give a return gift for a gift. A good company lights the candle of hope and love which could brighten many more lives.

puppy love