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I am traveling to Bangalore..

It’s almost 1 am and my bus stops at a secluded place for refreshments.I get down and see that there is a shop and a small decent restaurant. There is an eerie silence in the restaurant so i decide to settle down with a packet of chips. I take the packet pay the shopkeeper and turn back…to see the wilderness surrounding me. There is nothing around except my bus and the small civilization it brought along.
Tiny rain drizzles fall on my face.. I look around, nothing visible for miles, only trees and mountains. I get a startling strange feeling not knowing where am i and what am i doing here.

I look towards the sky and smile back to the clouds…i knew i was not alone ..someone’s prayers still accompanied me..that someone is still watching over me..i close my eyes and sense the smell of rain…the wonderful fragrance of freedom..of life!!
That makes all my worries an oblivion..and i decide to live this one moment with myself which i would treasure for my life..because i knew this is not coming back again..and I LIVED for a moment..did not just EXIST…Life Is Not Just Made By The Breaths We Take But Is Made Of The Moments That Steal Our Breath Away…..