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I had been away from my blog for sometime now being caught up with my MBA’s regular schedules. Today when I was casually browsing through the internet, what caught my attention was quite heart-wrenching. Various thoughts started misting my mind and that’s when I decided about coming back to my blog again.

Urgh! This daily crisis!  Starting from aimlessly chasing the dream career and ending up with a job just for the sake of getting paid, or to go through the dreadful heart-break from quite a serious relationship at an age when half the friends are married and the remaining are engaged, or to the pressure of living up to the unrealistic expectations of parents, be it for the career they dreamed for us, or for turning down on their favorite prospective marriage alliance and then being constantly compared to “Sharma ji’s” son who has settled in the abroad with a skyrocketing salary or “Verma ji’s” daughter who is happily married with 2 kids.I am sure most of us in our twenty-something can relate to.

Though it all seems very common, the pressure such a scenario is creating, is something more harmful than the trepidation caused by terrorism and sometimes, in fact most of the times leading to depression monster. Our most promising, enthusiastic and energetic twenty-something is succumbing to it, and sometimes quite literally. It was heart breaking when I saw the statistics of suicides in our country.

About 800,000 people commit suicide worldwide every year and of these 17% are residents of India. My heart breaks to it. And another interesting fact to note is, the higher suicide rates are in the southern and eastern states of India, which also happen to have the highest literacy rate. Does it mean education is destroying more than creating?

Competition with the peers, parental pressures, stress out of relationships along with a lifestyle where we depend mostly on fast foods neglecting our mind and body are only adding up to our distress. Whoever thinks suicide is a bliss, let me tell you its not. The soul, which lives for an eternity, carries along with it the negative energy which the body carries at the time of suicide. Adding to it, the great pain which the family has to go through which is left behind, is something which cannot be explained in words. No, suicide is never an option.

If you know someone who is showing signs of suicide or is greatly depressed, please do not ignore. Help your friend. Google not only makes life easier but can sometimes save a life too, you type in the word “suicide” in the Google search bar and a suicide helpline number of AASRA shows up which can be of a great use.

Ultimately all we need is some love, it is something which can never be exhausted, in fact it only increases when we share. We all love to be loved. Love your neighbor. Your tiny smile could probably subdue the whispering suicidal thoughts of the person you just smiled at. And that solves all of the suicidal problem in this world. Love before you hate, love before you criticize your child, fall in love once again before you end that wonderful relationship, love the dream you have been chasing before giving up on it, love your wife, she sacrificed her world to adopt your’s, love your husband, he is working day in and day out to make you happy, love your pet, he cares for you a lot more than anyone else does, love your friends, they make memories! And most importantly love yourself, love that temple where your soul lives. You don’t have to be hard on yourself, you are worthy of your own love. Whoever said elixir does not exist, didn’t know love. Love, is the elixir of life.