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When I was young I always wanted to have a pet dog. My mother was not really fascinated about the idea of having dogs and hence I never got one and having a pet dog always remained a dream for me. Over the time, the dream only started to slowly become an over-whelming  obsession and I started to go crazy over the idea of having the pet.

Time passed by and I grew older. I was in my high school, one night when it was quite unlikely to have any visitors my door bell rang. I opened to find my uncle and cousin, who were standing there trying to hide their excitement. “Guess what?” said my uncle, trying to hide his hand behind his back. I had no clue. “What’s it?” I asked. “Surprise!” he said and then he stretched out his arm and put a tiny furry ball into my hands. And my happiness knew no limits that night. It was a tiny little furry white pup sleeping in his hand peacefully. There were no words to define my joy.

Soon we both grew fond of each other. It would play with everything it found, balls, clothes, mattress, vegetables and even maggi! It was a treat to the eyes to see the little one play around joyously. Once, after I returned back from school, quite tired, I laid back on the couch. The puppy cam and sat next to me. I picked it up and it settled comfortably on my lap. I looked at its serene face. It had nothing to say. At that moment, I felt empty. I had something in my hands which had been longing for years and today when I had it in my hands I had no idea, what I would do with it. For that matter, I had no idea why did I even want it in the first place, so badly that I could do anything to get it.

It looked adorable! Was this the only reason I wanted it? Just because it looked cute. I couldn’t understand. I let the puppy down to see it go to its bed and slide into a peaceful slumber. I surely loved the pup, probably more than anything else but I didn’t know why I wanted it and I surely did not know why should I have it. I did not know even if I deserved it. I soon started to get wearied of this feeling that I couldn’t stand anymore. And then my mother decided to give it away back to my cousin. I knew it was for my good. I was dealing with something which was not destined for me!