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Take me home O’ take me now,
Where the wind blows over the Lee,
Calm it is when the sun shines bright,
Hear me pray, hear me cry, I sing to thee.

Take me home, far beyond the mountain’s side,
There it flows merry and gay,
Where the lotus sleeps in the river’s tide

Take me home, my heart is where,
Dull is the bright and dark is the fair,
Long I await, till the tears are dried,
And this turmoil shall be paid.

Take me home, as I sway,
To the music I hear from far away,
That is the place, paradise I call,
Where of hatred or evil is no wall.

Take me home, O’ take me away,
In peace shall I rest there,
Now and forever I say,
Take me home,O’ take me away,
Take me home,O’ take me away.