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We may share different bodies but the soul remains the same. We live in an eco-system and are co-dependent on each other. The one thing which binds us together is love not religion. Everyone belongs to this religion, people, animals, plants and trees. Then why do we discriminate with certain animals. Cow is an animal considered holy by the Hindus and is worshiped faithfully.

Recently Jharkhand showed its immense love and respect for the animal by banning cow slaughter. We thus created a caste system not only for ourselves but also implemented the same with animals. The cows would now enjoy the fundamental freedom to life. But what about the other animals like goat, sheep, pork, and poultry etc. which are being killed every day for their meat? Don’t they deserve the equal rights for their life?

Who are we to decide which animal should be killed and which should not? Every animal has equal rights just like us to enjoy their freedom for life.

Cow slaughter has been banned in Jharkhand because cows are considered holy in Hinduism. Why just Jharkhand, why can’t it be implemented in other parts of the country? We share our country with other religions like Jainism and Buddhism where animals are considered holy. The basic philosophy for the love of animals and freedom of life remains same across all the religions. So let’s follow it.

Let’s not wait for the government to bring an act to teach us killing of an animal is murdering a creature. When we love our pets so dearly, why can’t we love the pets of nature?