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Recently mother’s day passed by and there were zillions of quotes and inspirational messages flowing across the world. I love my mom, everyone does of course, but this love is a little different. We fight more often than we express the love for each other. Sometimes, we may not even talk to each other, and at times finding time for one another becomes the most difficult thing. So this is the kind of relationship I share with my mother, who may not say that she loves me but nobody can love me more than her. And I may not tell her how much I lover her, but this is how I love her:

I may not say it, but every time you smile, it  makes me fall in love with you. I love it when you try to wake me up in the morning  and silently leave the room allowing me to sleep a little more. I love to see you the first in the morning.

I may not say it, but I love it when you still feed me like a baby. Those tantrums I throw, you silently bear with them. You fight with me, you scold me, you criticise me, and you mould me.

I may not say it, but I silently admire how you manage to look so beautiful effortlessly even with all the wrinkles on your face you developed over the time. I feel sad when someone says I don’t look like you. You’re are most beautiful woman to me.

I may not say it, but you are the best career counselor ever. We may not often discuss, but your practical ideas are so good that I regret when I don’t follow them. So much, that I am sometimes scared to overlook any of them. Wherever I have reached today, you have toiled more than me. Without your support I couldn’t have imagined it. Your love and your support, they guide me.

I may not say it, but I really hate myself when I see you sacrifice your happiness for the sake of your family. I hate to see you silently shed tears. I can fight the world to get you the happiness you deserve.

I may not say it, but you are the reason I exist. To be with you forever is all I want. I pray to god that you are blessed with all the happiness you deserve and all the goodness of this world and not a tear to shed. All I want from you is your unconditional love.

I may not say it, but I love you the most.

Dedicated to the greatest woman in my life, my mother, Janeeva Margaret.