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The answers for our questions sometimes lie in the questions and not the answers. The questions are easily answered when the questions are right. We are living in an age where finding ourselves is the biggest puzzle. Sometimes we are so desperate to find our lost selves that we are lost during the quest of self discovery.

Sitting idle on my couch for a long time today, my mind started wandering in the places where it shouldn’t have been. And the next moment I was playing the blame game with myself. I was contemplating on all the mistakes I ever made and started worrying about everything that does not even exist. Finally I came to a conclusion that I am useless and worthless.

Why do we do this to ourselves. Why do we make slaves of ourselves. Let’s try answering a few questions. But before that let’s try asking a few questions to ourselves.

1. Did I pay attention to my body today? When our vehicles need regular servicing, oiling of the brakes, so does our body. Then why do we put exercising in the last place.

2. What am I thinking?
When we spill a tiny stain on our pretty dress, we get restless, then why are we so chilled out when we constantly plant weeds in the beautiful garden of our mind?

3. What did I learn today?
If exercising is so important to our body, our mind as well needs regular exercises. Learning makes it sharp. Then why are we so scared to learn something new everyday .

4. What did I read today?
How long can we stay away from our best friends? Books are the man’s best friends, how can we stay away from them. They open us to a different world. Many times. We see life through many eyes. Reading something new everyday makes us cheerful.

5. Do I really love my job?
Are you following your passion? There can be financial obligations which may not allow us to quit our promising job and take the risk of a bunjee jump, but a little attempt will not harm. Like to write? Write a little page everyday after office hours. Like to click? Pack your bags and wander into the wilderness over the weekends. Capture every tiny detail of this beautiful world. You live only once. Let’s not leave a space to regret.

6. Can I cook like Monica?
FRIENDS is definitely our favourite sitcom of all times and we all secretly wish to cook like Monica. So let’s try. May be it isn’t that difficult after all.

7. How long have I prayed today?
Praying teaches us gratitude. Gratitude keeps us alive. Gratitude helps us count our blessings even in the times when we feel worthless. Show gratitude when you pray. Be thankful for every small detail of your life and ask Him to guide you in learning how you can be more fruitful in fulfilling God’s purpose & also be helpful to others.

Let’s not waste time on the social networking sites which only give us more complex when we compare ourselves to everyone out there. Let’s meet someone new today. Let’s get to know our friends a little more. Let’s show our love to our loved ones. Let them know we love them. Let’s make some more time for ourselves. Let us know we are special in our own way.