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Why is it so difficult to write sometimes? Writing is all I want from my life. Books are the ultimate bliss to me. Words are like the perennial rivers which never seem to stop flowing across my head. Still, many a times I find it quite difficult to pen down even a few words. And when I do it forcefully, I just don’t seem to like my work. I most of the times postpone my writing work to a later time, when I would feel the passion to write burning in me so hard that I can no longer withhold it. But such a moment just doesn’t seem to come.

I worship my pen. I get frustrated when I am unable to write. I keep looking forward for times when I can escape from the world and concentrate on writing. I keep waiting for the vacation where I can escape into the nature and start writing my heart out. I wait for a time when I can untie myself of the wordly shackles of job, relationships, bills, traffic and everything else I can possibly blame for my procrastination.

When the passion truly burns, there has to be nothing that can stop from churning it. I may not like the first line, may not like the second either, or may be the third too, but then I can expect to bring myself back after the 100th line or may be after the 1000th line. I shall write in the traffic. I shall write before I sleep.I shall write in office. I shall write when I wake up. I. Shall. Write. Period.