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Sitting in the dark,
My mind wanders through the infinite space,
If not here, where would I have been,
In some other world filled with happiness?
Or a world gruesome and dark?
Or may be a place just more peaceful.

My imaginary land has a stone castle,
Through the pearl streets I can walk,
And they seem to never end.
Clouds of cotton I can grab,
Birds chirp and bees hum,
On the bright sunny day, everyday.

My toes on the carpet of flowers,
Like the autumn,
Through the rainbow smiles the sun,
Like the spring.
A toy house to live in, a tent house to sleep in,
A tree house to play in and a chocolate house to eat in.

My imaginary land has many stars,
I pluck them to make magic wands.
With unicorns to ride and balloons to fly,
I walk in white shoes and blue satin sashes.

My imaginary land has a me,
I look into the water, I’m happy to see I’m me,
With nothing to hide and nothing to fake,
All I would want are rhymes, candy and a birthday cake.