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Off lately, we have heard the words “Let Go” so often that we have probably made “Letting Go” a trend. Letting go of something or someone we love has always been the most difficult thing we could ever do. The multitude of inspirational quotes of the “Art” of letting go on the internet have been so successful in provoking us to an extent that we have proven our strengths by finally letting go of what we possibly assumed we could never.

So what have you let go of today, smoking, alcohol, anger or pride? If it is one of them, congratulations! You have just won a battle with a demon that has slowly been devouring you. But much of the ado of letting go is not about letting go of things like above but most of the articles which I have read, which claim of empowering people, mostly talk about letting go of people and relationships.

Letting go of people is nowadays projected in such a way that it makes us feel empowered and proud by doing so. Even I once got carried away the same way. Most of the supposedly inspirational content that floods the internet is actually potentially harmful, just like any dormant virus. I was going through a tumultuous phase of a few relationships, and I was in desperate need of an answer. I tried to find the answers everywhere. I used to cry to sleep almost every night. I used to pray without ceasing. I was so desperate to find a solution to mend my relationships that I even tried searching for an answer on the internet. Most of the contents which I came across were something like this: “Let go of whatever that hurts you. You are very precious to be hurt”. “Let go of something that doesn’t help you grow anymore”. “Let go off everything that is blocking your way of success”. And I actually gave in to all of that supposedly inspiring stuff and I gave up on everything that I felt was causing a pain so hard to my inner self so much that it no longer helped me in growing. I would want to admit that I felt much better soon after that. But I was unaware of the consequences that lay ahead.

I was very relieved and rejoiced that I am finally on the right path and would eventually grow. I assumed the pain of losing was temporary and soon would fade away with time. Of all the things that I let go off was my job. My job was nothing less than a sorrow to me. That was definitely a right decision I made. I took up my further studies and I thought I would be able to start a new chapter of my life. I was unaware that there was no harm in letting go of materialistic things. It is not really a loss, if the loss can be quantified. The losses which cannot be quantified have higher risk factors, such as relationships. I even gave up on a few people who I thought I would never be able to let go of. I assumed this was for the good and once I start growing as person, spiritually as well, I thought eventually everything would fall in place. I was wrong. Every person, no matter how close, shares a space in our life. When they leave, they leave a void in the place which they held and that void cannot be filled.

That void started growing in me and soon became a huge pit which was filled with regret and remorse. I still acknowledged that I did the right thing by pushing away the people from me who were meant to be in my life. One night, I finally realized the wealth I have earned all these years is the relationships without which I am empty. That was the night, I fell on my knees yet again and prayed to God, to forgive me for my pride and selfishness. I cried my heart out and asked God to restore all my broken relationships. I knew it was already too late and the I had already done all the damage. But I prayed with all my faith. Soon my prayers were answered and my broken pieces were put together and I had them all once again.

Any relationship, friends or siblings or parents goes through a testing time. And sometime relationships quite often go through the testing times. The letting go inspirational stuff makes us forget the reason why we have been with them for all these years, so far and makes us push them away. This is pure selfishness.

In truest sense, letting go means to give someone their freedom by breaking down the barriers of dependency. It is the art of having the patience and strength to trust them for who they are and who we have been to them. Let go of ego, pride and dishonesty which will kill your happiness. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Let them go, let them discover themselves, believe in yourself and believe in your prayers. What you sow, is what you reap hence what is meant to be will be! Let go of them but don’t push them away!