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Love, travel and happiness are the only things probably I would ever want from my life. I may need someone to love ofcourse (winking) but for travelling we don’t always need someone to tag along. And for happiness, it automatically comes from travelling.

Today’s holiday was just too precious to spend watching TV at home. I decided to do what gives me the ultimate satisfaction. Travelling ofcourse.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, situated in Bangalore is something I have always wanted to visit. This seemed to be a cool idea. I was all excited.

I packed my bag with my GPS enabled phone, my power bank to charge my phone on the go, a small water bottle and some change to avoid hassles while taking the public transportation.

I wanted to keep it an economical trip. So I checked on GPS for the busses which would take me to the palace. I took a bus and reached the bus depot nearest to palace. I asked for an auto, but he said the palace was quite near and I could walk.

With all the excitement packed, I started walking towards the palace by asking for directions from people on the way. It took about 45 minutes and I finally managed to reach the palace. Then I understood the reason why the auto guy denied to take me to the palace. It was a one way traffic and he would have had to struggle a lot with the traffic in the way and hence it was convenient for him to avoid.

Anyways, I somehow reached the palace. The ticket for the entry was Rs 5. I couldn’t contain my excitement.


The entrance of Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

The palace wasn’t as big as a palace should ideally be. It was a small palace, but an architectural beauty. It was built in  a span of 10 years, started by Hyder Ali, who was the father of Tipu Sultan and completed by Tipu Sultan himself. I explored every corner of the palace and took many pictures. Not even for a single moment did I feel that I was travelling alone. I was enjoying a lot more than anybody else there. There also were many foreign tourists who had come to visit the palace.


The Verandah of the Palace

I studied the history of the palace and the kingdom in great detail. Once I was done, I sat at the verandah and rested for a few minutes and later returned back to my home.

This experience was one of the most joyous experiences of my life. It was not a very far off place. Just a few kilometres from my home, it was easily accessible and gave a great experience of travelling, exploring and learning. Travelling solo is a great experience and gives a learning for a lifetime. Go solo! 🙂