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How to make someone happy? Feed them. It’s simple! Madhu had a sumptuous lunch today. Nothing makes her as happy as good food. Other days she would be fasting in the name of diet. She wouldn’t admit, but I can clearly recognize the sadness in her face when she goes on a diet.

So today’s happiness quotient was found at Absolute Barbecue, a restaurant which serves an unlimited barbecue buffet. The menu includes everything starting from chicken, meat, fish, prawns, eggs to octopus, emu, rabbit, shark and even barbecued potatoes, pineapples and apples. It also included the heavy and spicy Indian curries and the exotic biryanis of course. That’s one huge menu. She took a good two hours to finish her meal and by then end she was sloppy and sleepy. But she of course had to return back to work no matter how much reluctant she felt. But she was contented and happy to have had a super fine meal.



Then she told me that in the evening when she returned home, she met an old friend on the way. She was too happy to have met her after a long time and they both decided to have roasted corn on the way. Madhu is someone who is quite choosy about the place and the food she has. She is not someone who generally has the street food stuff. She was so excited to have the corn that she immediately texted me about her new found love for street side corn, which according to her was better than Absolute Barbecue. “Well, whatever makes you happy”, I said. But soon after a few minutes she realized it was not her love for the corn but the company of her friend that added flavors to the corn.


“What makes us love food, is with whom we have it, Annie”, she then said. True of course, food when shared tastes the best and time when shared, memories are at the best.

Happiness task Day 3 – Cherishing good food

Status: Completed