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Yay! It’s a Holli Holli holiday! “Last night before going to the bed, I promised to myself that I would totally utilise the day tomorrow” said Madhu in quite a sad voice when she called me up in the morning. She told me that the day before, she along with a few of her other friends, had planned to visit a children’s orphanage home. But suddenly she fell sick and became quite sad that probably she wouldn’t be able to visit anymore. I tried to make her feel better and said we could go some other time, but clearly she was still upset about it.

In the evening she gave me a call again. I hoped she was feeling better now. Instead she seemed much more better than that and was quite exhilarated. When asked about the reason, she told me that she somehow managed to go to the orphanage. There she met a bunch of beautiful children. They were God’s own children, taken care by God himself. Unfortunately, these innocent children suffered from AIDS, having been passed on to them by probably their parents.

They were having their regular classes when she went. They all seemed to be quite enthusiastic and enjoying their classes, helping each other learn their lessons and growing up with each other. There seemed to be no sense of fear of the future or any kind of remorse or hopelessness them. If there was something in there, it was hope, which is often missing in our lives.

Happiness task Day 4 – Realizing Hope

Status: Completed